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Preparing Properties to Sell


It is not luck that sells your house...

It is careful planning and knowing how to prepare and present your property for the market.

It is a proven fact that properties sell quicker and at a higher price if they have been professionally prepared.


How to save money and time

Waith & Lovett will visit you and make a room by room assessment on how to achieve and maximize on space, light sources and room appeal. We will then provide you with a detailed written report giving practical and professional design advice that is realistic and cost effective on how to prepare a well presented, highly desirable property.


What will it cost?

"A lot less than dropping your price to tempt buyers!"


  • A verbal consultation - £150.00

       Approximately a 2-hour visit,

          which may be all the advice you need.


  • Full consultation – £225.00    

          Approximately a 2-hour visit complete with a

          detailed written report for you to work with and refer back

          to at your own leisure.



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